4 reasons to book a Koh Samui villa with a chef

21 October 2022
Four reasons to book a Koh Samui villa a chef

The best things about staying in a villa for your holiday to Thailand is the seclusion and privacy you will receive compared with a stay in a hotel.

However the thought of cooking your own food may not be the best thing to look forward to so we are delighted to let you know that many villas in the Samui Holiday Villas portfolio come with their own private chef service so you can enjoy authentic Thai dishes or a Western favourite. The choice is yours. The chef will shop for all of the ingredients, prepare the meal at the villa kitchen and serve the chosen individual dishes to you at the table. They will also clean up. Marvellous.

The chef's are well versed and have the knowledge on special requirements such as ingredient alergies and cultural food requirements in respect of food processing and as long as these details are communicated well before your arrival date the chef's can cater for every need. 

A continental breakfast experience is usually inclusive inn the cost of the rental and depending on the villa this may also include eggs.

Let’s take a look at four reasons to book a villa with a chef for your next getaway to Koh Samui.

1. No Need to Leave the Property for Food

If you were to look at the many reasons for hiring a villa with a chef, this one has got to be top of the list. The convenience of not needing to leave the property to eat is huge. If you're staying in a villa, there's no doubt it has a huge list of amenities. It is also probably picturesque and located in a prime spot. So, why leave? Having a chef on-site to prepare your meals means you can enjoy the full day at the villa and not worry about finding a new place to eat each day.

Get a Taste of the Local Cuisine

Another benefit is that by hiring a local chef you’ll be exposed to authentic local cuisine. Part of traveling to exotic destinations is getting to try new things, and cuisine is one of the most exciting things about international destinations. The chef will be aware of what the popular recipes are, how to properly prepare and serve them, and can likely tweak them if requested.

Results in Cost Savings

With inflation still being quite high you may also be looking for a way to keep expenses in check while on holiday. The majority of our high end villas on Koh Samui feature a chef within the rental, meaning you don't have to pay for their services. Typically, you will cover the cost of the ingredients they pick up at the local market and pay a surcharge - normally 20%.

Even with that said, it still works out cheaper than eating at a restaurant each day. And depending on the dishes prepared, the portion sizes can be large which means you’ll even have leftovers to nibble on. It’s not just lunch and dinner either; there will usually be a continental breakfast with eggs on request.

Perfect for Large Families

Villas are known for being ideal for large families or couples traveling together. They can provide multiple bedrooms, living spaces, bathrooms and outdoor spaces allowing everyone to spread out and have their own space. If 10 or more people are sharing the villa, meals will typically be served family style. This means all the dishes are prepared and placed on the table for everyone to share. Generally speaking, the main meal would consist of three or four dishes, more than enough to leave everyone feeling full. Barbecues are also popular with our guests and can be requested anytime during your stay.

Bookng a villa with a chef offers all kinds of great benefits, including a smooth and stress-free holiday.

Bookng a villa with a chef offers all kinds of great benefits, including a smooth and stress-free holiday.

You will find our Collection of Koh Samui Villas with a Chef HERE. Choose your villa and do CONTACT US for any if you need any further information on enjoying a chef service during your luyxury holiday in Koh Samui,Thailand