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5 Conservation Initiatives in and around Koh Samui

03 April 2018
Conservation initiatives in and around Koh Samui

The beaches and ocean surrounding Koh Samui are beautiful and we’d like to keep them that way. There are several conservation initiatives happening in and around the Koh Samui area that we wanted to share with you.

We’ve also shared the links if you want to get involved.


  • Thailand has announced it will be the first Asian country to join the EcoAlf Foundation initiative “Upcycling the Oceans”. It gets the local fisherman to take part and remove plastic from surrounding waters. Once collected, the plastic gets recycled into thread for environmentally-friendly fabric that the foundation turns into clothes and accessories. It’s a 3-year project.

 How Can You help?

Trash Hero

One such example is Trash Heros. Check out the Trash Hero facebook for information on their cleanups or search other local beach cleanups in the area that you can join.

Samui Clean

Garbage cans do not exist on the beaches of Koh Samui and it is thought that people will respond better if garbage bins were available for as it is now, people are simply leaving their rubbish on the beach.

Samui Clean are working together with Trash Hero and using donations to purchase bins and a volunteer has offered to paint the bins with artwork and friendly reminders to have people "Do Their Part", "Keep Samui Clean", "Respect The Beach etc.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. will agree to be responsible for removing the bags in the bins, and replacing them with new bags. Campaign funds will go towards purchasing the bins as well as paint supplies and the responsibility of supplying bags and making sure someone maintains the bins.


  • Thailand has banned smoking and the littering of cigarettes across 24 beaches in 15 provinces in an effort to keep beaches clean.

How can you help?

Simple, don’t smoke on the beach!


  • Coral Conservation Projects. Hotels like the Four Seasons are working to increase coral in the surrounding waters. The Four Season initiative is led by in-house marine biologists, – a project being undertaken under the sponsorship of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR). The aim is to preserve the marine wonders for future generations, and the marine biologists share their experiences at a weekly Coral Talk,

How can you help?

Don’t take anything from the sea and listen to Coral Conservation Talks available on the island.

  • Marine Conservation diving courses. Diving schools located in Koh Samui, such as Samui Dive Tribe, offer Coral Conservation courses for divers.          

How can you help?

Learn more about Coral Conservation when you book a dive course

  • Volunteer Marine conservation. Projects such as the Pod volunteer project allow you to volunteer in and around Thailand. You’ll perform research activities such as ecological monitoring surveys, surveying the reefs and implementing local environmental initiatives to protect the oceans and coastline.

How can you help?

Volunteer! Try Pod Volunteer.