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Koh Samui welcomes Longer Stay Tourists

10 January 2021
Koh Samui welcomes Longer Stay Tourists (with 15 day quarantine on arrival)

Updated 4th April 2021

Koh Samui Can Now Welcome Long Stay Tourists

As a result of the global pandemic international travel had grounded to a holt with countries closing their borders and a whole host of new regulations coming into play the entire travel industry has faced a bit of an upheaval.

Tourism is 20% of Thailand's economy but it is a much higher proportion on Koh Samui where the island has been hard-hit with many Thai people on the island losing their jobs and businesses. International flights to Thailand had been banned for many months. However the community that remain on the island are doing a great job by ensuring the beaches are kept clean, the sea stays a crystal blue and villa and hotel accommodation stay in tip top condition ready and waiting for when the tourists are able to return to their beautiful island - which hopefully will not be too long

However with the news that a vaccine is now being rolled out in countries there is light at the end of the tunnel for the industry.

As a start to boost the economy the previous 60 day Tourist Visa as well as  the 30 day visa exempt entry have been re-introduced. Both now available as part of a Certificate of Entry obtained through your country's Thai embassy. As from 1st April 2021 arrivals wil also have to undertake a 7 night quarantine in a hotel if vaccinated or 10 night if not vaccinated.

However if you are looking to travel to Thailand for a shorter term holiday later in the year there is now a clearer roadpath to open up to tourists that will be implemented in stages throughout 2021.

Vaccination in Thailand has already begun and commercial travel for tourists is not expected to resume until later in the year when a good number of the population have been vaccinated and the required quarantine can then hopefully be dropped. More information on "Thailand's Road Map to Open up to Tourists here"

So, before you immediately hop on over to our website Samui Holiday Villas to peruse our incredible villa offerings for your stay, there’s a few details you need to know as at the moment with a compulsory self financing hotel quarantine in Bangkok it may not be everyones ideal start before chilling out in your villa at your final destination in Koh Samui.

How To Apply For Thailand’s 60 Day Tourist Visa (TR) (60 days + 7 days quarantine)

The 60 day Tourist Visa needs to be obtained before applying for the Certificate of Entry by opening an acccount at Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (www.thaievisa.go.thfollowed by completing an application and either uploading the requested documents or sending them by post to the Thai embassy of the relative country you are resident in. Once in Thailand this visa can be extended for a further 30 days.

The requirements for this visa are:

  • A current passport with validity not less than 6 months and at least 2 blank pages. Applicants must fill in online visa application with their given name(s) and surname as appear in their passports.
  • Printout of visa application form submitted online, with bar code
  • Travel booking confirmation (can be a print out of a quotation if prefer to wait until confirmation of succesful visa application)
  • Proof of ASQ accommodation booking (can be a print out of a quotation if prefer to wait until confirmation of succesful visa aplication)
  • Financial evidence e.g. bank statements showing 20,000 THB + /equivalent.

The Certificate ofd Entry can now be applied for however once approved there is a 15 day window to upload the confirmed booking of flights, ASQ hotel and insurance which form part of your Certifucate of Entry.

How To Apply For Thailand’s Visa Exempt Entry (30 + 7 days quarantine)

The 30 day visa exempt entry requires the Certificate of Entry only

Certificate of Entry

As there is no visa required for this option, only a Certificate of Entry & supporting documents are required obtained by registering at and uploading copies of documents on their website.

1. Approval

The first stage is to complete an application on line and upload a copy of your passport. This approval takes approximately 3 days.

2. Book Flights, ASQ Hotel & Purchase Insurance

Once approved you need to book a flight and the accommodation at one of the many ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) Hotels allocated by the Thai Government which usually have to be fully paid for in advance.

There is a list of approved airlines that fly to Bangkok from various parts of the world and from London the most popular are Emirates, Qatar & Etihad. British Airways will not fly to Thailand until the end of the year. A list of approved ASQ hotels that are based in Bangkok or Pattaya is also available with 7 night costs depending on the quality of the hotel and personal requirements. More details of cost will be available shortly 

3.Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is standard requirement for all world travel but there is a specific requirement for Thailand to cover 100,000USD for Covid 19 and this should be stated on the insurance certificate submitted on the application. A list of the insurance providers can also be found on the Embassy's website. (See note 1)

There is a period of 15 days from the approved registration giving time to book and upload your flight details, ASQ hotel & Travel insurance otherwise you will have to register again.

4. Download & Print Certificate of Insurance

Once copies of these requirements are uploaded to the website the Certificate of Entry is ready to download and print off with 2- 24hours.

5. Book a RT-PCR Covid Test

Once you have your Certificate of Entry you need to arrange is a RT_PCR Covid test to be taken no more than 72 hours before your flight departure and to have the results emailed to you to print off before taking your flight. This can be a bit tricky if there is a delay in getting results however there are recommendations for health clinics depending on your location in the UK.

it is suggested that a flight should be booked towards the end of a week to avoid weekends when laboratories may not be open and working. 

Any changes to the flight or ASQ hotel would mean a new application for a Certificate of Entry.

6. Checklist for documents to be presented at the airlines at check in and the Thai authorities.

Certificate of Entry

Declaration Form (can download from embassy website)

Form T8 ( can download from embassy website)

Covid-19 Test result taken within 72 hours before departure.

Insurance Certificate covering no less than 100,000USD for Covid and relative pages covering medical benefits.

Copy of the confirmed booking at ASQ Hotel

You may have to prove that you have enough money to support yourself once in Thailand – (approx. 10,000 THb - so keep some cash or travellers cheques on you) 

It is recommended that you keep all the documents in a clear folder and give this to the authorities so that they can check what they need to (keep 1 or 2 copies).

After going through self-isolation in a preferred accommodation and tested negative, a visitor can finally leave the premises and travel freely in Thailand but still must follow basic preventive measures such as wearing a face mask and keeping social distancing in public.

So, once you have decided that you cannot resist the thought of white sand beaches, crystal blue sea and warm tropical living, the next step is hopping on a plane!

So, if you’re looking for post-quarantine luxury accommodation that’s worthy of all of that paperwork effort, you know where to go *wink wink*—and if you’re still not sure, here’s a little inspiration.

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Or if you prefer to shop via location and number of bedrooms go straight to our Koh Samui Villas website.

We have great deals on monthly rates for those seeking longer stays, and if you need a little assistance with your visa application, we can help with the paperwork when you book your stay through us..

We admit all mentioned above are not totally easy and convenient to make a trip to Thailand at the moment, but it's worth considering if you are comfortable (mostly financially) with the entry requirements of the Thai Government. If not, just hang in there, for things will surely be better, and we'll all get to meet very soon.

We shall be pleased to provide any assistance needed in the application for the Certificate of Entry by contacting us at

In the meantime Keep Safe and look forward to some Happy Travels!

The Samui Holiday Villas Team

Note 1: Some countries may have strict travel restrictions in place where non essential travel is banned. This would deem your travel insurance as not valid and it may be necessary to purchase through a Thai based insurance company that will cover you once in Thailand.