Koh Samui Wedding Venue Villas

If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding in Koh Samui, we can help turn your destination wedding into a beautiful adventure that both you and your guests will remember forever. The island of Koh Samui offers a beautiful backdrop and you will be surrounded by white sand and seemingly endless sparkling sea, coconut palms, exotic flowers and lush green forest.

At Samui Holiday Villas, we can help you select the perfect villa to host a private and exclusive wedding.

We are in partnership with the best wedding planners that have years of experience creating weddings on Koh Samui. Our wedding planning partners can create wedding packages crafted and personalised just for you.

Your destination wedding in Koh Samui will be a beautiful adventure that both you and your guests will remember forever. Take your vows in paradise with a backdrop of white sand, sparkling seas and coconut palms. Our team will personalise your wedding as you want it to be.

When you contact Samui Holiday Villas, we’ll help you select the perfect venue for your wedding. We have years of experience providing villas on Koh Samui and have inspected every villa in our collection. Our team will provide advice on the right villa for you.

The perfect location to make everlasting memories

For your wedding arrangments, we work with experienced, calm and dedicated wedding planners. The planners ensure that they work together with you to craft your dream wedding. The planners have organised several weddings on the island and they use tried and trusted suppliers. Our team ensures you will have a wedding to remember.

Your destination wedding will be a beautiful adventure that both you and your guests will remember forever. Take your vows in paradise with a backdrop of white sand, sparkling seas and coconut palms. Our team will personalise your wedding as you want it to be.

Koh Samui Villa Weddings

Our hand-picked collection of beautifully appointed luxury villas make an excellent choice for your destination wedding. 

Visit our collection of Koh Samui Wedding Villas

Our most popular villas for the larger wedding party


Koh Samui Wedding Packages

We offer a range of wedding packages at several venues across Koh Samui. Our planners can assist you with the ceremony (legal or non-legal), wedding styling and theme, flowers, entertainment and of course exquisite food and drink to please the most discerning guests.

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Wedding themes, styling, decoration and flowers
  • Reception including drinks and food packages
  • Entertainment


Small and Intimate Wedding Venues

Some of our villas are perfect for smaller, intimate weddings. Our planners can still assist you with the ceremony, wedding styling and theme, but these villas are suitable when you have fewer guests or need to work with less budget, but they still offer both a stunning location and a day to be remembered

Koh Samui Events

Reunions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Theme Parties

Celebrating a birthday milestone or anniversary and want to enjoy the time with friends and family?  Renting a villa and combining it with your holiday is the perfect solution to enjoy the occasion in privacy and in a warm tropical location.

A BBQ, a gourmet dinner, a cocktail party etc can all be arranged in-house if the number of invitees do not exceed 1.5 x the maximum occupancy of the particular villa as it is not classed as an "event". The majority of the fully staffed villas will be able to organise everything to your preferred arrangements with the resources they have at the villa.

However should numbers attending exceed this, then an event fee will be required and a 'planner' would be needed to co-ordinate the arrangements and any entertainment requested.

There are various entertainment options to enhance your event or celebration and these will have to be pre-booked well in advance due to their popularity

  • DJ/Band
  • Acoustic Guitarist
  • Saxophonist
  • Thai Dancers
  • Fire Dancer
  • Fireworks ( special permission required)

Contact us and let us assist in your initial planning of your wedding or special event in Koh Samui .


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